Submit a photo, mockup, or idea!

With thousands of opportunities for mockups surrounding us in our every day life, we're hoping to build a collection of mockups that are innovative, creative and unexpected. Useless mockyps is built by the community, for the community. We need your help building Useless Mockups.

  1. 01. Submission Types
  2. 02. Submission Guidelines
  3. 03. Submission Form

Submission Types

Are you a photographer? someone who's familiar with Photoshop? or a person with a bright mind? We are accepting three types of submissions — photos, mockups, and ideas.

Submission Guidelines

We don't want to limit your creativity, but we're only looking for high quality mockups. Here's a rough guideline on what we are looking for —


  • Be sure they are larger than 1200 pixels in either width or height.
  • With high quality lighting.
  • Be creative!

PSD Mockups

  • Clean up the layers with proper naming and organize layers in folders.
  • Mind the file size, nobody likes to wait too long for downloads :)

Submit Your Mockup

Submit your mockup ideas, photography, or mockups using the form on the left. Please be sure to include credits if apply, we are all for giving credit where credit is due. Additionally, you can also email us directly at